Outlook address books:  Check vs. “cache”

April 2 2008

Most of us who use Outlook know the nice surprise of typing a few letters in the “To…” box, only to have Outlook pull up the address of someone we’ve written before.
This handy feature exists because Outlook keeps a “cache” of previously used addresses to save us the bother of typing in the recipient’s full email handle each time.

It’s important, though, to distinguish this short-term cache from your bona-fide address book.

While the address book is a reliable, backed-up storage site, the short-term cache is about as reliable as one of our memories — it’s there, but prone to intermittent loss or corruption. You wouldn’t want to rely on it alone to store important information.

So, don't count on the cache -- "check" to make sure anyone important ends up in permanent storage by right-clicking their address and scrolling down to “Save as contact.”