Scheduling Email Delivery

June 18 2007

Sometimes you may want to compose or respond to an e-mail message now, but you'd like to wait a while before sending it. Maybe you don't want it to reach the recipient until he/she is at a certain location, or maybe you don't want the recipient to get it until you're out of the office. Maybe you just don't want the recipient to know that you're answering his mail five seconds after getting it - he might start expecting such quick responses all the time.

Whatever the reason, you can use Outlook's future delivery feature to send the message when you want it sent, without having to save it and then remember to send it later. Here's how:

  1. Compose your message and then click the Options button on the toolbar.
  2. Under Delivery Options, check the box that says "Do not deliver before."
  3. Enter a date and time in the drop-down boxes to the right.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Now click the Send button as usual.

Your mail will be sent on the day and time you specified. Note that the time stamp information will be the "compose" time rather than the actual "sent" time.