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ProComp adds emergency contact service

August 6 2008

Having a system go down is never fun. It's even worse when you can't get ahold of your IT support team. To avert this second problem, ProComp has added an emergency answering service that helps existing clients get in touch with us more smoothly in a crisis situation. If you can't reach us at the office, a call to the service (see number on the Contact page) initiates a protocol that ensures we get wind of your problem as soon as possible. While we still can't guarantee 24/7 availability, we'll make every effort to get you back up and running before you know it. As always, our main office number (503.287.3332) is the best place to start when you need to reach us.

ProComp welcomes new tech

May 9 2008

After many months of searching for just the right person, the ProComp Group is happy to introduce Grant Low, our new IT systems specialist. Grant recently relocated to Portland from the Bay Area, where he worked in both small-business environments and larger enterprise organizations as a systems consultant and administrator. We are confident that when you meet Grant, you'll agree he's a great fit with our style of providing service. We look forward to introducing you soon!

ProComp, Ray Belt profiled in Oregonian

February 17 2008

Ray and the ProComp Group showed up on the front page of the Oregonian's Sunday business section in a feature titled "Home is where the job is: More Oregonians choose to be their own boss." The article, about why people chose to work out of their homes, profiled the ProComp Group's start as a home-based business and its growth path to being a "real" company with a Pearl District office space. Using Ray as to illustrate the "entrepreneur," Jonathan Brinckman writes:

Ray Belt started his own company after he was laid off from a Portland information technology company when the tech bubble burst... His solution: launching the ProComp Group in his Northeast Portland home, thereby saving himself the cost of commercial space while he developed a reputation and a client base. By early last year he was ready to hire employees and move into a Pearl District commercial space."

Brinkman goes on to quote Ray's reasons for starting the business at home:

"To get to the next level. The whole goal is to build a larger business that has value and is its own entity. Starting at home was the best way to get to that point."

PCG certified as BlueWorks business

October 16 2007

After a long and arduous application process, the ProComp Group was recognized last month as a BlueWorks business by Portland's Office of Sustainable Development. The BlueWorks program was created to help Portland businesses improve their environmental practices and to recognize those who take steps to reduce waste, recycle, buy earth-friendly products, and "extend a commitment to the environment." Portland, as we all know, is a national leader for "sustainable" design and practices, and ProComp was eager to jump in and do our part.

Actually, the process wasn't arduous at all. We went to and filled out an application. We listed the conservation measures we take at the office and had a visit from one of the program specialists, who verified that we were indeed using recycled-content printer paper and gave us ideas on several other changes we could make to meet program standards (like switching to recycled Post-It notes). We also established a purchasing policy to put our sustainability commitments in writing. We got advice on dealing with our biggest disposal headache: what to do with all the bubble-wrap and foam that sneaks in our door with the hard drives, firewalls, etc. we order. Turns out there's a place we can take it for recycling after we amass a big-enough pile.

All in all, it was a worthwhile experience, and we recommend you try it! Visit the city's website (listed above) or feel free to call us at 503.287.3332 for details on how it worked.

ProComp welcomes new employee to our office staff

October 11 2007

We'd like to introduce John Zoller, who's moonlighting with our accounts after moving to Portland this fall to pursue a master's degree in finance. We're happy to make use of his spare time and expertise. Please say hello if you get him on the phone.

Meanwhile, our search for another IT consultant/engineer goes on...

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