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Small, dynamic IT firm seeks intelligent, personable engineer

August 28 2007

Growing IT consulting firm, 5 years, looks to meet friendly, experienced systems/network engineer with good interpersonal skills for interview and possibly more. Interests include meeting small-business owners, analyzing needs, and recommending optimal IT solutions...

Yes, we're hiring. The ProComp Group is looking for an advanced-junior or senior consultant to join our team. You can check the opportunities page for details on requirements, but our biggest priority is finding someone who has the initiative and customer-service attitude to take ownership of meeting our clients' needs. If you know someone who fits this description, send them our way!

Bomgar tool expands the ProComp Group’s remote assistance options

June 1 2007

In June, the ProComp Group added another new piece of networking gear to our office network. It's called a "Bomgar box," it's bright orange, and it's about the size of a ream of printer paper. You'll probably be getting to know it soon, since it's our newest problem-solving tool for routine issues that crop up in your computer environment.

Here's how it works: You call us to report a problem. Ray gets on the phone with you and asks you to log in to the remote-access portal on our website ( Together, you set up a secure remote-assistance connection that allows Ray (or another tech) to move around your computer as if he were sitting in the office with you. Typically, your problem can be solved without a trip to your site.

What are the advantages to using the orange box? First, you save. If we can fix the problem with a quick phone call, you pay for 15 minutes of remote assistance as opposed to the one-hour minimum for a site visit. Second, our techs save -- wear and tear and travel time, that is (they love sitting in rush-hour traffic!). And, of course, the environment saves due to less car travel with its associated pollution.

You can read more about Bomgar at Incidentally, the box gets its odd name from the company founder, Joel Bomgar.

ProComp settles in to new digs!

February 15 2007

As of mid-February, the ProComp Group has left its fledgling nest in northeast Portland for a more substantial home in the Pearl District, one of Portlandís excitingly revived old neighborhoods. We are happily settling into our new office in the Gadsby Building, a converted 1906 warehouse that once served Portlandís main railroad nexus. Today, weíre surrounded here by restaurants, boutiques, and plenty of creative professionals and small businesses to keep us stimulated and on our feet. We love the brick walls and high ceilings Ė and yes, it is earthquake retrofitted!

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