On-Demand: IT à la carte

IT support that engages when you want it

For jobs where managed services don't make sense, the ProComp Group addresses your needs through traditional time-and-materials or "On-Demand" engagements. On-Demand is also the default for expert IT consulting engagements and one-time projects that do not involve regular maintenance and monitoring.

On-Demand engagements can be as simple as calling the office to have a technician resolve a problem. Or, when you have a particular project on the drawing board, we can work with you to develop a project proposal. This proposal includes estimates for time and materials, helping you predict overall project costs. Examples of project-based engagements range from systems audits to server upgrades to complete system overhauls.

On-Demand vs. ProACTIVCare managed services for regular maintenance

Utilizing On-Demand services for regular system upkeep lets business owners and management be more involved in the details and decision-making processes surrounding projects, services, and support. On-Demand maintenance, however, will require consistent time and attention from company decision-makers to keep systems functioning. If you prefer to have your IT partner shoulder the responsibility for maintaining your infrastructure, read more about our managed-services option, ProACTIVCare.