ProACTIVCare™: The buck stops here

IT support that never sleeps (so you can)

Large corporations have long enjoyed the advantages of on-site, round-the-clock IT maintenance, management and monitoring. Today’s technology lets the ProComp Group provide those same benefits to small- and medium-sized businesses through our managed-services program: ProACTIVCare.

In a nutshell, this service model shifts the responsibilities of systems management from you, the business owner, to us, your IT partner. You pay a flat monthly rate regardless of how much service is needed, so it is in our best interest to provide the services your systems need to perform securely, reliably, and efficiently. If something goes wrong, it's our problem, not yours!

Immediate benefits of managed services:

  • Controlled costs, stabilized budgets: With a regular monthly rate for IT management, your costs become more stable and predictable.
  • Increased profit and productivity: You and your team have more time to focus on profit-making tasks.
  • Reduced risk and increased stability: As your systems become more secure and resilient, interruptions are reduced.
  • Enhanced support: With help-desk support included in your ProACTIVCare plan, your employees can get help quickly without worrying about the cost or distracting others!

Additional benefits include: built-in asset management and reporting to keep you on top of what's going on with your systems, license tracking, disaster-recovery planning, and discounted rates on new projects.

Plan options

ProACTIVCare plans are available in three options. Two are focused on managing specific components of your environment: ServerCare for servers only, and SystemCare for servers plus workstations. Our top recommended plan, CompanyCare, incorporates maintenance of your entire infrastructure with vendor management and enhanced resources for planning and decision-making.

With ProACTIVCare, your business can enjoy the technological advantages formerly reserved for the big guys. Try it – you will like it!